Monday, October 25, 2010

The Palm Tree That Grew!

Once upon a time there was a young lady, who was given a baby palm tree in a dixie cup. She had a new home that her handsome groom had built, and so the young lady decided to put it in a planter at the entrance of the house. It would be their love tree.

The young couple began a family and time passed so quickly. They enjoyed watching the children grow, just like their love tree. Years had passed, and wrinkles began to appear on the once young couple. Yet the palm tree continued to grow.

The family once considering moving... yet they loved their home and it was so full of memories. And so they stayed... with their love tree. The children grew up and went off to college. It was just another milestone in the couple's lives. But there stood the big, strong palm tree... just like their love and marriage. It was so strong that it could break walls down, and nothing could stop the tree from growing!

And so the day came when it was time to move the love tree. A place where it could continue to grow and reach new heights.

...I know one day we will move from this home. I will miss this tree, we have laughed for many years about the funny little (big) thing that we planted from a dixie cup that destroyed our planter. It now has lots of room to grow... and I get a new fancy planter... yipeeee!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I love stucco!

This last month we discovered we have carpenter bee's... I thought at first it was termites (wishful thinking). Those little boogers are destructive. I think we killed them, now we have to repair the 30+ holes they have put in the house.

A word to the wise, buy a stucco house built with anything but logs. This is log-rot which has already drank $300 worth of epoxy.

One day, the house will be done... and I can sit under the porch and enjoy the hard labor we did. yes, one day!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Small Price of College...HA!

I had went to my home page and there was an article on "THE 10 MOST EXPENSIVE COLLEGES". I decided I should read the article to make myself feel better(since we have two kids attending a private college this year).

As I started to read, I was preparing myself to see the kids school listed. I figured, it MUST be in the top 10. To my surprise I'm SAVING (ha-ha) about $20,000 per student/per year by NOT sending our kids to the top 10!

Sarah Lawrence College -Bronxville, NY $57,556 (I've never heard of this place and I'm glad my children haven't either) After seeing the school, I now know why it's so expensive.... you live in a mansion!

Columbia University - too expensive

University of Chicago $56,640 a year... are you kidding me??? Again, saw the picture... you get to live in a CASTLE!

Harvey Mudd - Claremont, CA $53,600 I'm sorry I wouldn't attend a school named "mudd" and get charged that. I've been to Claremont, it isn't beach front dorm real estate.

I then decided I would check my kids school ranking.... #240. IS THAT IT, for the price we pay? I did feel much better, knowing that the average cost of college in between 30-40K per year. So start saving NOW young moms!

Now here is my children's castle.... you get what you pay for!

Well, after all this research...I sat and thought about how grateful I am that my kids go to a GREAT college! Both kids are involved in Bible Studies & love God. They are influenced by the most incredible staff and they live under big oak trees. They are turning into wonderful adults, how do you put a price on that??? So basically, my kids go to the top #1 most expensive school (for my budget), it is ranked #1 (my list) and guess's worth every dime!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Remnants of the Past Show...Fun!

What a wonderful girls weekend.
It was full of laughter and carbohydrates!
The girls kept me entertained with silly stories and
talk of burlap and glue guns!
Amber has a way of making anyone laugh and smile...
Like when she wanted an old spice rack that was $195,
and she wanted to offer the lady $20.
I saw so many beautiful things...

I'm very thankful for this trip. God blessed me!
I made lasting memories.
Thanks to my beautiful daughter who
is the sweetest and kindest person I know.