Sunday, June 13, 2010

Life is a really good bowl of cherries!

Today was a really GREAT day. I haven't always been very positive about our cabin, but after going there today... I'm looking so forward to moving moving there. I was so excited to see our little orchard full of cherries. Who knew that the little red fruit would make me so happy. I really don't mind the big rattlesnake under the tree, the toilet bolted to the floor in the middle of the kitchen, or the bear that poops near the front porch... just give me cherries!

Friday, June 4, 2010

66 Fastback Project

I really admire my sweet son. He is in the process of restoring an old car that my husband bought him many years ago. Just like his dad... loves old cars and loves restoring them. He is going away to college in a few months. Does this mean it will sit unfinished in my garage forever?

One day... it will be done! I hope.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Today is one of the greatest and saddest days ever! We are officially done with home school... forever. However, I did wake this morning feeling very nauseous... maybe I have another 18 years of home school. I could be the oldest home school mom ever... that wouldn't be good. No, I'm not pregnant!

Well the grading is done, portfolio turned in, and now only graduation. I do like to remind my sweet son that every time he can answer a question on Jeopardy that I was his teacher, and I taught him everything he knows.... seriously.... I don't think I taught him anything, but he learned how well I can NAG. There will be no more phone calls to the principal (dad) because my dear student was playing with his I-pod or texting during his class video.

Two years ago, I was really worried about homeschooling and taking him out of private school. I can honestly say it was the Best thing we have ever done for our son. I think we grew closer to him in the last two years. I think he may not have learned a lot, but he grew more mature and his spiritual walk improved.... isn't that all that matters? yes!

We will miss Mr. McBride (government) but not the English teacher. I almost put the drawings of the English teacher in the portfolio... My dear son was famous for doodling out of boredom during his class.

Goodbye home school.... hip, hip, hooray.... boo-hoo!