Friday, April 8, 2011

Why I don't BLOG lately

I've been busy the last month, and realized the next will even be crazier. The last few weeks...

  • I hosted a pom-pom making party (decorations for a friends wedding)

  • Take daughter for a photo shoot, get announcements made for graduation

  • Lead a Bible study weekly for ladies

  • Shopping for all wedding stuff

  • Teen boys over for an all-nighter dinner, video games, etc.

The next few weeks...

  • Make costumes for Easter play at the church

  • A few trips down to the flower mart... (long drive)

  • Make floral centerpiece arrangements for a spring event at The Ronald Regan Library

  • Go to rehearsals and be in Easter play

  • doctors appointment

  • Son's birthday

  • Easter (I want to decorate)

  • refinish 2 tables (needed for wedding)

  • Coordinate wedding, reception... make decorations & then decorate

  • Daughter's college graduation

  • Party for daughter

  • Son in marathon (this will be so fun to watch!)