Friday, February 25, 2011

Grey & Yellow Bag

For the record: I was taught in 2nd grade that it was gray not grey... so I'm having to use my brain and reteach myself how to spell.
Last month I went to a Grey & Yellow Party for a friends birthday. She loves the colors, her house is painted grey with a beautiful yellow door.

I had bought her a yellow candle and wanted a bag to put it in as her gift. So, I sewed one!

I cut 2 grey squares approx. 9"x 9", along with 2 straps- 4"x 13"

I cut 2 yellow squares 9"x 9"

I cut 2 pieces of iron-on interfacing 9" x 9"

  • Iron on the interfacing to the wrong side of the grey squares (I did yellow & wish I did the grey)

  • Sew the 2 grey squares right sides together...3 sides (a big square U), turn out and iron

  • Sew the two straps... fold in half so it is now 2" thick (right sides together) leave the ends open, then turn inside out & iron

  • Sew the 2 yellow squares right sides together...3 sides also...HOWEVER, leave a 3" opening at the bottom of the U (you will use this to turn bag inside out) turn and iron

  • Sew the straps to the yellow piece (right sides together) make sure you space evenly

  • Put the two bags together (one inside the other with right sides together

  • stitch along the top of the bag

  • Turn the bag inside out(that is what the opening on the bottom of yellow piece is open for)

  • IRON

  • whip stitch the opening on bottom yellow piece

  • Make a flower, add a broach, do something!

Monday, February 21, 2011

The Romantic Weekend that went SOUR!

We tried to have a romantic weekend as we traveled to Santa Barbara. We had planned this trip for months, and decided to stay at our favorite hotel, eat at our favorite restaurant, and enjoy the beautiful sunshine. We left early Friday, with it raining cats and dogs and I was feeling a little yucky. We stopped in Monticito and did a little antique shopping at the most expensive antique stores in the country. I wasn't having much fun, maybe it was the prices in the store or the fact I was feeling feverish! Our last store however did take a few degree's off my body. It was a cute little botanical store, which made me smile the entire time I was in there. I found a beautiful G. Wolff pot which I've wanted one for years since reading an article about his pottery. Also, there was a unique vase that I knew I couldn't leave without. My dear hubby, (was he feeling sorry for me?) said "you should buy them". I did walk out of the store with a pep in my step.
Well, hubby was hungry so we decided to go to SB and go to State street to his favorite restaurant. It was raining sooo hard! As we were driving, I noticed everything looked closed and dark. We parked and started walking to make sure it wasn't closed (it seemed strange to be closed on a Friday afternoon). Sure enough, the power was out. After a sad look, they agreed to serve us, but it was limited what we could have. I felt bad watching the chef cook in the dark. We then decided to head to the hotel, the weather was horrible, and I was feeling the same. I put on my PJ's at 3pm and went to bed... didn't get up until 11am the next morning. Feeling worse, we left early and came home. We did stop at the Farmer's Market on the drive home and my sweetheart bought me a orchid (I've always wanted one). Any who... I've been in bed since Saturday, but I keep looking at my new orchid in my new pot which keeps me smiling.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Things I want to get done NEXT month...

work on my garden

make these pillows for me & the Mr.

finish decorating the Awana's Room at Church

redecorate daughter's room...
I want it to look as beautiful as this!

finish the decor for Whit's wedding

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cabin Update

I never thought I would say this... but I just want to work at the cabin! WHAT????

I'm really getting excited. I see a picture of how it is going to look finished in my head. I told my husband yesterday... when it is done, it is going to be so beautiful, it will be featured in Log Home Magazine... He laughed and said, "REALLY"? As if I was dreaming, maybe I am... but I think it will be that wonderful. It is good to feel positive (for once) about this project. I've been such a "glass half-empty" person with this one. Maybe it was the carpenter bee's or the black mold, tearing out EVERYTHING in the house, moving exterior walls with a tractor and a telephone pole (and praying the house doesn't fall in) and sanding every square inch of wood inside & out.
Windows on bottom New... top Old
They still need to be trimmed out!
The view with big open widows is amazing
I can't sleep at night because I think about what I'm going to do with our bed(it won't fit in our new bedroom at the cabin and it is the wrong style). I had wanted this bed before we got married. After a few years, I had enough money to buy it and the nightstands... so we went to the most expensive furniture store (the only ones who sold it) in town and bought them. I told my husband I want to die an old lady in this bed (how romantic or is that gross?). Well, I'm fearing one day I will need to get rid of it and I'm sure my kids won't want it! So I lose sleep (I've been losing sleep over the bed now for over one year... and I'm sure it will be years before I need to get rid of it)!

Well, we are 1/2 way done with the windows. 17 down- 16 to go (woo-hoo). Imagine them being trimmed out with nice wood... we aren't there yet!

Also, I have one day's left of prelude (UV primer for wood) then I can put the acrylic gloss on the logs. We did however finish the Master bedroom as we wanted to see how it would turn out. Notice the wood shinny... this is the finish on the master bedroom. The black spots will have tongue and groove and there will be a log placed in between the wall and ceiling