Monday, February 21, 2011

The Romantic Weekend that went SOUR!

We tried to have a romantic weekend as we traveled to Santa Barbara. We had planned this trip for months, and decided to stay at our favorite hotel, eat at our favorite restaurant, and enjoy the beautiful sunshine. We left early Friday, with it raining cats and dogs and I was feeling a little yucky. We stopped in Monticito and did a little antique shopping at the most expensive antique stores in the country. I wasn't having much fun, maybe it was the prices in the store or the fact I was feeling feverish! Our last store however did take a few degree's off my body. It was a cute little botanical store, which made me smile the entire time I was in there. I found a beautiful G. Wolff pot which I've wanted one for years since reading an article about his pottery. Also, there was a unique vase that I knew I couldn't leave without. My dear hubby, (was he feeling sorry for me?) said "you should buy them". I did walk out of the store with a pep in my step.
Well, hubby was hungry so we decided to go to SB and go to State street to his favorite restaurant. It was raining sooo hard! As we were driving, I noticed everything looked closed and dark. We parked and started walking to make sure it wasn't closed (it seemed strange to be closed on a Friday afternoon). Sure enough, the power was out. After a sad look, they agreed to serve us, but it was limited what we could have. I felt bad watching the chef cook in the dark. We then decided to head to the hotel, the weather was horrible, and I was feeling the same. I put on my PJ's at 3pm and went to bed... didn't get up until 11am the next morning. Feeling worse, we left early and came home. We did stop at the Farmer's Market on the drive home and my sweetheart bought me a orchid (I've always wanted one). Any who... I've been in bed since Saturday, but I keep looking at my new orchid in my new pot which keeps me smiling.

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  1. Oh, Bonnie. Sorry to read this. :( Nothing like planning something for months and having it go horribly wrong. I love your pot & orchid though! I was just popping in to say thank you for smiling for me. :)

    Hope you're feeling better,