Friday, February 25, 2011

Grey & Yellow Bag

For the record: I was taught in 2nd grade that it was gray not grey... so I'm having to use my brain and reteach myself how to spell.
Last month I went to a Grey & Yellow Party for a friends birthday. She loves the colors, her house is painted grey with a beautiful yellow door.

I had bought her a yellow candle and wanted a bag to put it in as her gift. So, I sewed one!

I cut 2 grey squares approx. 9"x 9", along with 2 straps- 4"x 13"

I cut 2 yellow squares 9"x 9"

I cut 2 pieces of iron-on interfacing 9" x 9"

  • Iron on the interfacing to the wrong side of the grey squares (I did yellow & wish I did the grey)

  • Sew the 2 grey squares right sides together...3 sides (a big square U), turn out and iron

  • Sew the two straps... fold in half so it is now 2" thick (right sides together) leave the ends open, then turn inside out & iron

  • Sew the 2 yellow squares right sides together...3 sides also...HOWEVER, leave a 3" opening at the bottom of the U (you will use this to turn bag inside out) turn and iron

  • Sew the straps to the yellow piece (right sides together) make sure you space evenly

  • Put the two bags together (one inside the other with right sides together

  • stitch along the top of the bag

  • Turn the bag inside out(that is what the opening on the bottom of yellow piece is open for)

  • IRON

  • whip stitch the opening on bottom yellow piece

  • Make a flower, add a broach, do something!


  1. Very cute and easy! Thanks for sharing!

    Also, I have a great Dove chocolate giveaway going on right now and would love if stopped by and entered:

    ~Katie @ Eye Spy DIY

  2. Girl, you are so talented. I would ask for a bag but I cleaned my car trunk yesterday and I have sooo many bags, most with store names on them. I guess I got carried away. But the difficult part is to remember to take them into the store!
    Keep crafting and inspire me!

  3. I just love the grey damask fabric you used! Would you mind sharing the manufacturer and style name? Grey is my new favorite color. Your bag is just adorable.

  4. "And the best dressed candle award goes to..."

    Love the gray & yellow combo. Too cute. Thank you for sharing with air your laundry Friday, Bonnie!