Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Sign of HOPE... Cabin Windows begin!

I've mentioned it over, and over... This is by far the HARDEST project my dear husband and I have ever done! We have built many homes, but yesterday I told him I was worried this project going to put me in the grave (kidding). I don't know if it is because we have to commute so far to work on it, or the fact we are truly doing ALL the work ourselves.

I have to admit, I'm SLOWLY falling in love with the house. We were laughing yesterday because everyone who has seen the house, HATES it. We were discussing that when they see all the work we have done, they are going to LOVE it. Then we had someone visit, and they gave us the look that they still hate it. We laughed!

We have been installing windows and finding more wood rot as we go, and I keep buying marine epoxy... I've spent so much on the stuff, I'm convinced the house will be so strong that the wolf will not be able to blow it down (or the carpenter bee's).

here is a picture before the battons

making battons
I'm not done staining them (I need more hours in a day).

As I look at the house, I see HOPE. We found a metal roof color that matches the windows and I'm starting to see the finished project, and I get excited. I must admit, I pray daily for strength for my dear husband and myself. I have to give my hubby credit... he is simply amazing. He knows how to tackle and build anything and he has a better attitude than me. I sure love that man!

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  1. It is really coming along, Bonnie! I just know that it's going to be beautiful and all your hard work will pay off and those that hate it will love it. Just look at the view through those two windows! Other than overworked, how have you been?