Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sweater Pillows

I stood in Pottery Barn for over an hour last week trying to decide if I should buy the pillow or not. I knew it was way over my budget, but honestly... I love the pillows! They are $39 each plus you have to buy the inserts which are $24....$63 for one pillow???? Deciding to do the right thing, I didn't buy them. After much thought and a slim amount of cash in my wallet, I decided I would make my own. I hit the thrift store and bought many white and cream colored sweaters.... I learned if the item is over 14 days old... you get the item 1/2 off. I went to Walmart to buy pillow inserts, was terribly disappointed how expensive they were. So I went to the bedding dept. and found regular bed pillows for $2.50 and decided I would take a small amount of stuffing out and make them the size I want.

So here I go... I'll be sewing today. My pillows will cost me less than $4 each

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