Saturday, January 1, 2011

I think I'm extremly hormonal today!

I'm not sure what is wrong with me, and I'm thinking my hormones are all messed up!

I watched the rose parade this morning, (and was crying) watching some of the college bands playing as I was thinking about the students mother's who were watching on their TV from across the country and how 'proud' they must have been seeing their kids in the parade. I had to quit watching it in fear I might get the "my wife is being weird, which week of the month is it?" look from my sweetheart.

Tonight, nothing on TV... so I turn on a re-run of the parade. The family was all sitting around the TV with me when I LOST it! The parade started with the stealth flying and I start crying (I've seen this thing so many times... I've been waken from a deep sleep with that obnoxious thing shaking my house), then they show Paula Deen as the grand marshal... and I'm thinking how a little old lady has been so successful cooking with all that butter and at this point I'm sobbing out of control. Next, the military marching band and I'm so grateful for all that they have done. I see the first float, and I'm crying at all the work that went into these masterpieces. I tell my family, "We should have been there, we should have went to the parade".

The family first stares at me.... trying not to laugh... then they break out laughing so hard that they are crying. They insist that we turn off the parade (which they can't stand watching) and the son grabs the remote and starts looking for a movie with guns. I think I'll go in the other room and cry about Paula Deen and how I'd like to sit and eat coffee cake with her.


  1. Bon,
    Google some natureal ideas on how to deal with your hormone problem, you shouldn't have to deal with this ......however, I can't cry anymore, so you can shed some tears on my behalf.
    You know who...

  2. I have some journal books I should cover and be ready for such "right now" gifts. But I think I will take a nap and think about it a little longer.

    I don't want to mess up my clean house.