Thursday, January 6, 2011

I'm NOT quite as happy as Mary!

Our chimneys were SO dirty that smoke kept coming out of the wood stoves, so we decided to clean yesterday. Hubby on the roof, son with head in the stove pulling wire brush thingy with two thick pieces of string on each end.
I have my head in stove with my son with a small shop vac... (big one is at cabin) and I'm sucking a years worth of soot. My head so far up the stove, and not noticing that I had already filled the small vacuum, and it was blowing right back out into the house. I pull my head out,,,, and it was like the black smoke from LOST. I was SO sad looking at the furniture, walls, and floors.... too sad to cry. I'm TRYING to put my Mary smile on today....

Option 1- Clean like crazy (will take a long time)
Option 2- Sell the house as is
Option 3- Clean the best that I can, go buy new flooring, furniture, and paint
Option 4- Go to Disneyland and worry about it tomorrow!

1 comment:

  1. Ha, Ha, Ha. You who cleans the vacuum out every ten minutes, you didn't???
    So did you go to Disneyland?
    I am still in my nitegown. It is noon.
    My house is too clean to do anything that might mess it up.