Thursday, January 20, 2011

Is this MY laundry room???

I'm truly ashamed to show you the before pictures of my laundry room! It hasn't seen a clean day in 4 months and the cupboards....years. I did a boutique back in November, so it was my craft station in the house. Then there was the holidays... and now the new year, time to get this place clean! I'm a follower of and she is having a new years challenge to clean the house (I must admit, there were moments I was mad at her and myself for reading her blog... today, I just want to thank her, give her a big kiss on the cheek). This week was the laundry room, as if painting the inside of the house by myself in 5 days wasn't enough work for me. Last night I decided I would clean the laundry room. I gave myself 10 hours to make it look beautiful... throw away stuff, clean EVERYTHING. So I cranked up Pandora... I learned this week that I clean better to Dave Matthew's Band and Sting and a must...avoid Taylor Swift.

I'm smiling!

whoo-hoo... the cupboards are clean!

why do I craft???This makes me happy
I can now find what I'm looking for!



  1. Now all you have to do is get your family to use a clothes hamper! No more clothes on the floor before washing.
    I am going to Home Depot and buy Glidden paint because of your suggestion.
    Keep it clean girl. Straighten it up each and every day. I have been trying that and it is working. Off to get paint. from you know who

  2. That is a HUGE laundry room, Bonnie! It's so perfectly organized now. You just motivated me to tackle my laundry's in the basement so it shares it's purpose with paint cans, storage, etc. You did a lot in 10 hours!

  3. Great work Bonnie! Jumped over from Domestically Speaking - also totally relate to the "avoid Taylor Swift" comment! :)