Monday, February 22, 2010

He makes me laugh

I am not an animal person.... Well, I wasn't. I married a animal person. He raised livestock as a child and wanted our children to experience the work ethic that he had learned. So, the animals started coming in! Pigs, chicken, cattle, horses, dogs, etc. I was always the one in the background.... watching them. I'm a city girl, afraid of anything with 4 legs. My kids have always laughed at me. I admire their ability to work with animals. I've been amazed that they can show cattle 1400 pounds and not be afraid of getting stepped on and dying. I'm the type that I was afraid to go outside wearing red, in fear our steers would charge me... run me over.

Then there was that sweet day almost a year and half ago. I got MY first horse... I mean dog. He just seems like a horse when he comes in the house. He loves me, and that makes me NOT afraid of him. It never fails... I just look at him, smile and then he makes me laugh. I just might become a country girl after all!

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