Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I fell in love!

My dear husband and I were able to visit our daughter yesterday at college. She is such a delight and brings me so much joy. We took her to the mall near her school to have frozen yogurt, which she calls "froyo" (its a college thing).

I knew there was a pet store in the mall, and I wanted to look at puppies. Not that I would buy one from a pet store and get ripped off. However, I saw the cutest baby ever... We stood there with our faces to the glass enjoying and being entertained by the bundle of joy (dogs make you happy when your kids go to college). My husband went to the counter to ask, "how much does he cost?" The clerk said.... "Four Thousand Dollars", then my dear one responded, "does he come with a car?" Then the clerk rolled her eyes at my husband. It was at that moment we decided to get out of the! He was just way too cute, and way tooooooo expensive. I'd rather look at his picture anyways, and not clean the droppings!

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  1. I love your husband comment..OMG that's an expensive dog!!!