Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Art of Bread Making

My friend Tara from church is the ultimate,master bread-maker. One Sunday before church, she had baked homemade bread for a lunch potluck. Really??? Really!!!! I have a hard time getting ready for church on time, without baking bread. Anyways, if you were the last one in the potluck line, you missed out! I had decided that Jesus must not have served bread like Tara's when he fed the 5000, with 5 loaves, and 12 baskets came back full... because if I was there, my big thigh's would have ran up and ate the left overs in the baskets. Know that I am kidding... we all should know that Jesus is the #1 Bread maker and I know when He serves bread, it is the best for the body and spirit.

Anyways, after everyone was raving on about the bread, Tara decided to offer classes on how to make bread. Well, I attended her second class this month. I had the privilege of learning Whole Wheat Carrot Bread, Soft Pretzels, Oatmeal Bread, and No Knead Bread.

this is Tara... look at what she taught us to make!

Teaching how to knead bread

This is sweet Sarah... she is AMAZING in the kitchen!

I finally know what dough is suppose to feel like!

Adorable Beth! She is so fun.

OH MY.... homemade soft Pretzels!

Fun, fun, fun! I learned how to use the candy thermometer correctly, that you should wash dishes that have flour on them with cold water (not hot), and don't put all the flour in the bowl at once to mix!

It was a great day of fellowship. I'm really excited (my family too) to make bread at home now... my hips are screaming...."Don't do it"

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