Friday, April 9, 2010

My True and Honest Friend

Well, taking out the contacts on day two was by far the worse experience in the last 48 hours! I went about it in another fashion, another attitude. I started taking them out and realized that they were NOT going to come out. I was wishing my toilet plunger wasn't so big in diameter. I took on the cat fight attitude. Scratching and pulling! Well, not a great idea on the eye. I think I broke every blood vessel in my eye. I did however get them out!

I looked in the mirror, and my eyes are tearing, I looked a little closer and I notice that my right eye looks crossed-eyed! Is it my imagination from the trauma? I'm thinking I need a shrink! I thought maybe I should investigate if they offer braille classes anywhere local; before I lose my vision from my abuse to my eye.

Well, I teared all night. I didn't even want to wake up this morning because my eyes didn't want to open. Today, my true and honest friend was sitting on the bathroom counter, staring at me, wanting a relationship with me again. I gave in. I thought I should get the glasses on before I go for a whole new look... big white contacts over the entire eye!

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