Sunday, May 23, 2010

Missing in Action this month!

Yes, I didn't feel like blogging! I was too busy enjoying life. My dear husband and I took a trip back east to Ohio for a pastor's conference. I enjoyed the green and the barns! If only the sky was blue and the sun was out! I did get to experience rain like I've never seen before....that was interesting, and SCARY!

A special treat for a California girl... Canadian geese. We almost had a multi car pile-up. We noticed them, tried to pull over fast, then everyone on the road started honking at us like we were crazy. They are crazy... they take advantage of the cute birds! In fact someone ran one over later that night!

We drove to Niagara Falls on the Canadian side. I was amazed! It took my breath away... I enjoyed it as much as the Grand Canyon. There is a wonderful small town about 10 miles from the falls called Niagara on the lakes, it was so cute. It is an adorable few blocks filled with great stores, antiques,and cute bed and breakfast's everywhere.

The spray from the falls is like rain...hard rain, rain like we don't see in California!

It gently falls over the edge, then the explosion of water begins!

My dream barn!

I had a wonderful time... came home and reality hit me, so I painted the dining room and joined the gym(the scale scared me the day after I got home).

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