Saturday, July 17, 2010

The $11 spent on Friday

Well, I was excited... I made a list of things I wanted to find while hitting the local yard sales. I went to 3 total, and found everything I was looking for and spent only $11. On my list was:

Belt Buckles
vintage jewelry
scrabble game
I want to make some belt buckles like on Gypsy Brocante... hers are gorgeous!
I also wanted to make scrabble tile pendants like I saw on

Well, I also found a great bottle, old silver flatware, and about 20 old watches.... I think today was my lucky day!


  1. The Scrabble pendants are so neat. I didn't check the link. I'm wondering how you made them, but the link probably says, huh? What great finds for you at such a bargain. I can't wait till you finish the cabin some day and decorate with your special touch.

  2. I just love yard sales! Those Scrabble pendants are to cute!!! I want some of those!! The making a list is a great idea! I never think to make a list when I go to yard sales. I need to do that too

  3. I have one of those! My friend Emily gave it to me! You are so cute and so is your blog!