Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hen House Hilton

Well we decided to kill two chickens last week...
and I must admit I felt like a mean Mrs. Tweedy (chicken run)
cleaning those birds.
Mr. Tweedy told me, "if those chickens don't start laying eggs and having babies we will eat them all." Personally, eating one of the chickens made me want to vomit. Somehow, chemical and water pumped chickens from the freezer at the grocery store, dont make me as nauseous!

So we built a little hotel for them yesterday. As we were thinking about how to build a nesting place, I remembered we had some old old window frames in a shed. So the idea came!

Built a box, put on legs, painted it white, and attached the frame.... wham!

Now I want to make a sign for the top. What should I name???

Hen House Hilton or Mrs. Tweedy's Bed and Egg-fest
I'd love suggestions!


  1. Love the Mrs. Tweedy but remember I named the over the top hen house Hen Hilton years ago.
    Thanks for the sweet things you said about me.
    I want a children house also!!!
    love, mom