Wednesday, August 4, 2010



the Sweet Bar

Mom was celebrating her 70th birthday so we decided to have all of her friends swarm over to my hive for a party. It was so fun. Nothing like a bunch of ladies, playing silly games, line dancing, blowing bubbles, and eating yummy food.

playing the "bee fact" game and bee'ing silly

I've been so blessed to have such a wonderful mom...

she is the greatest queen bee EVER!


  1. Hi Bonnie! Bonnie here! (LOL) thanks for the comment on my blog! I see you also call yourself "Bon Bon" as do alot of people call me that, or just Bon or Bonnie. I love your blog background, it is beautiful! And I agree, I think Bonnie's are very creative! See you!

  2. Such a sweet post, Bonnie! Happy belated to the queen bee. I love that last image of your mother, especially! You feel like planning the twins' 1st birthday party next month? :) I love the bee decor.

    Thank you for being sweet as pudding and voting for my zinc nightstand. You're dying to paint the bed frame and I'm dying to see it!

    So...what's the word on the hen house name? I commented on it a while back but didn't see my comment there tonight. I probably forgot to do a word verification or who knows. (I wonder how often I do that accidentally.)

    Have a great week,