Thursday, August 19, 2010

addicted to.... DISH SOAP!

I bought some dish soap about 4 months ago and paid WAY too much. However, since I've had THIS dish soap, I like to do dishes. I even mop the floors everyday with it, and get excited how good it smells. So, I decided to quit feeling guilty for spending the money on the dish soap, it's much less expensive than a housekeeper, and I've never been this excited to clean.

I went online to find where I can buy some more, and compare prices. I found the actual Farmhouse website. Well, needless to say, it is now my favorite online store, and mama wants these baskets!

Well, I only bought cleaning stuff, so I can look forward to a clean house.. I even bought the laundry soap. I really dislike doing laundry... and somehow I can't wait to sit in the laundry room folding clothes that smell like lavender all day.

These boxes may be my next purchase

1 comment:

  1. Farmhouse Wares is one of my favorite shops to window shop (haven't actually bought anything yet). Now you have me curious about the laundry & dish soaps! Not sure I can part with my Tide White Lilac though. Did you like try your bottle yet? I'll have to try the dish soap & let that convince me to switch! lol