Thursday, August 26, 2010

The cabin... continues

it has been FOREVER since I've talked about the cabin. Maybe because I feel it will be FOREVER before it is finished! But we are saving money by doing everything ourselves. We are almost done sanding the entire inside. wow, what a job! At least it didn't take as long as sanding the entire outside.
Thought I'd share some of our work....

this project is only possible because of these two incredible men... my dear husband and wonderful son who is always willing to help!

I was experimenting finishes.... The logs on top and bottom have not yet been sanded. The ones in the middle with a gloss is the finish that I wantAs you can see.... logs on left-sanded, logs on right-UGLY!

A special thanks to my daughter who is the best wire pulling, cleaning, and vacuum girl ever!

It is a victory when one room gets done!


  1. The lighter logs look great. I was concerned about how dark it was before.I love your blogs of doing so much as I sit here under the ceiling fan.

  2. I LOVE the lighter so much more. What a difference it will make in brightening things up. What a labor of love, sanding all those logs.

    And, thank you so much for your fireplace feedback. I'm thinking the shelves might look a bit cluttered, too. I might remove them and add a vintage table/stand to the right to balance out the chandie on the left. I'm just going to have to play with things until it all works. I should have put this in the post...I will ulitimately do what makes me happy but asking the question gathers helpful feedback from sweet design school experts like you. I'm not formally trained so I tend to second guess myself in my home. I've decorated a few homes and for some reason, never quite struggled like I do in my own! Is it that way with you?


  3. I mean, stand on the LEFT to balance out the chandie on the RIGHT. :)

  4. You're lucky! What I wouldn't give to have some time at a cabin all by myself. Oh, thanks for your kind comment about my pillows. Hope your project turns out great!