Saturday, December 11, 2010

How to Replace Glass in Kitchen Aid Oven

I had used the self-cleaning setting on my oven and started to wipe down the oven before it was totally cooled off… and when I put a rag to the inside door, the glass broke. I called the local appliance repair store and they wanted more than I could spend not to mention it would be at least 2 weeks to get the replacement glass. With Christmas two weeks away, and my desire to bake… I went online and ordered the glass from Kitchen Aid, which was only $35 and they sent it 2 day- fed ex. Whoo-hoo! So my dear husband replaced it for me.

This is why I blog on how to fix:
1. to help anyone that has done this
2. because I need reference when I do this again
3. remind myself how wonderful my husband is

Here is how we replaced it:

(be a better wife and clean the oven more...oh wait, that is how I broke it! keep the oven dirty)
Check if there is a hinge stop bracket. Open the Kitchen Aid oven door fully. Locate the hinge-locking lever on top of each hinge. The locking lever looks like a larger part of the hinge near the oven door cavity. Rotate each of the locking levers forward to unlock the door hinges. The lever pivots over the top of each hinge.

Grasp the door on both sides with your hands, and begin to close the door until the door stops.
Lift the door off the oven and place the door on a padded flat surface with the door handle pointing down.

-Have a table with a cloth on top ready to lay the door.

(my poor husband, he abuses his hands (see his thumb) doing projects for me)
-Remove the outer screws, starting from lower side of the panel.


-Keep all screws ordered, and take note of the order you remove them. We learned the hard way!

-You will follow reverse order in reassembly.

I learned you can use a screw driver to remove, but must use a hand screw driver to put back together (my man is smart).
-The frame will be free now, remove the external glass panel and leave it in a safe place.
-Keep going until you get to the inner glass, remove broken glass, clean area, and replace with your new glass.

-Clean outer glass and metal door, re-assemble it and mount it back
It took about 40 minutes for the entire project... and we saved about $250

I better go make my sweet husband cookies now for helping me out...


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