Saturday, December 4, 2010

I feel good!

My heart is full... Today was our annual Ladies Christmas Luncheon at the church which I oversee. I'm so blessed when everything turns out great, and it did. The music, speaker, food, and fellowship was so great.... it couldn't be any better.

I have to publicly thank my beautiful daughter to traveled to help out. I know how busy she is preparing for finals, but came with some friends from school to help me for the day. I cant believe how blessed I am to have such a wonderful daughter, always willing to help someone in need and she is a kindest person I know. So thanks Becca-Boo!

We have table hostesses who decorate a table for the luncheon. Each one, with their own dishes, and decor of their choice. If we had prizes, my mother would have won. Her table was so fun. It was a whole rustic theme, and I'm sorry I don't have better pictures. She had rocks around the table (they were chocolate rocks) they looked so real, and it was funny watching ladies eating rocks. She did a burlap runner, had tin cans on the chairs full of treats for the guests to take home. Wood everything...It was so CUTE!

I was so busy preparing food, decorating the room, etc. that I didn't put much effort into my table, but thought I'd include for you to see.

Well, I can rest now for 11 months until the next luncheon. WHEW! I must be kidding myself... I'm a pastor's wife, I don't get to rest! I really enjoyed the message, and as the Christmas holiday quickly comes... I hope to really focus on what is REALLY important. That I would remember WHY we have this holiday... My Lord! I hope I don't get caught up in the commercialization, but make memories with my family. I think it is funny how we get things so mixed up... we spend so much money, buy junk, when our greatest memories are things that cost nothing, by doing fun things together... playing cards, making a craft, cooking something together, even trimming trees.

I'm officially ready for Christmas now!

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