Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I love stucco!

This last month we discovered we have carpenter bee's... I thought at first it was termites (wishful thinking). Those little boogers are destructive. I think we killed them, now we have to repair the 30+ holes they have put in the house.

A word to the wise, buy a stucco house built with anything but logs. This is log-rot which has already drank $300 worth of epoxy.

One day, the house will be done... and I can sit under the porch and enjoy the hard labor we did. yes, one day!


  1. I love stucco too.

  2. We had fierce carpenter bees that chewed through all our lumber on the porch, etc. this summer. I could honestly hear them chewing all day long when I was outside. The tunneling systems they make are a sight to behold, no? I hope your bees stay far away.